Box Art Reviews: 'Lego Batman,' 'Civ IV: Colonization,' 'Buzz!' And More

It doesn't matter how good a game actually is; if the cover is an eyesore, no one's going to pick it up. So in the service of box art designers, we bring this week's round of box art reviews:

"Margot's Word Brain" (DS)

What the Box Tells Us: The woman on the box, allegedly Margot, pulls down her glasses to give us a sly grin and offers us "6 challenging word games for the whole family!"

Pros: Forgoing the usual images of words, brains, or Einstein-ish old men, we get a smart-looking woman on the front of the box.

Cons: Who is Margot? Is she as qualified as Dr. Kawashima? What is a "word brain"? How can a whole family play six games on one DS?

Love It or Leave It: Leave it.

"Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization" (PC)

What the Box Tells Us: Throngs of scruffy-looking, bearded men trudge through the water wielding guns.

Pros: It's nice to see real people on a game box sometimes.

Cons: But dudes look like the colonial equivalent of Civil War re-enactors, fake beards and all.

Love It or Leave It: Leave it.

"Lego Batman: The Videogame" (all platforms)

What the Box Tells Us: The Lego version of Batman includes his sidekick, Robin, and favorite villains such as Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman and the Joker.

Pros: From the full moon to flying bats to all the villains to Robin's wink, this seems like Lego Batman as we'd imagine him to be.

Cons: Batman can't fly, so we assume he's gliding... but from what? Robin's got a rope at least... from nowhere.

Love It or Leave It: Love it.

"Buzz! Master Quiz" (PSP)

What the Box Tells Us: It's Buzz on a PSP box holding a PSP with Buzz in it. So meta.

Pros: In case you were confused about which system this is for, the self-aware Buzz holds the PSP in his hand.

Cons: Perhaps a little redundant? Or repetitious?

Love It or Leave It: Leave it.

"Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009" (Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii)

What the Box Tells Us: An angry, angry bear is busting through some trees to lunge at an unsuspecting orange-vested hunter.

Pros: It's a cover that will stop and make you take notice: The bear looks ferocious, down to the flood of saliva dripping from its jaws.

Cons: Just who is doing the hunting here?

Love It or Leave It: Love it.