One-Liner: 'Brothers In Arms' Dev Explains Why Their World War II Competition Doesn't Stack Up

"Our competition, from where I'm sitting, they just take a first-person-shooter and skin it in World War II. They don't have any characters. They haven't read the history. It's not based on anything real, other than it looks correct. To them, I think that's just a setting. We're talking about real soldiers, people from history. Certainly, there's a lot of fiction that goes into what we do, but it has a backbone to it that gives what we do a little more clout and allows us to go places that they're not going to go. We're trying to do something with this topic. We think it has some merit as entertainment and education far beyond than just selling lots of boxes."

-- "Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway" game director Jeramy Cooke on why this is the only World War II shooter you should be playing this year