This Week In Multiplayer -- Lots Of 'Guitar Hero,' Spore' And 'Guitar Praise'

This week, Stephen Totilo rejoined the MTV Multiplayer crew, resulting in one our most prolific posting weeks in a long time:

* I concluded my trip through the world of "Mega Man" with a playthrough of "Mega Man 5"

* We broke new news on "DJ Hero"

* Want to know more about the music creation section of "Guitar Hero: World Tour"?

* We contacted Funcom to talk about the departure of one of their founders and its impact on "Age of Conan"

* Christian metal band Stryder confirmed an appearance in a Christian "Guitar Hero"

* GameStop will give you a song unlock code for "Guitar Hero: World Tour"

* EA changed their DRM policy for "Spore"

* We discovered that "de Blob" could show up on other platforms

* Check out some exclusive screens of "Blue Dragon Plus"

* Tracey John went hands-on with "Guitar Praise"

* I described the problem I'm having with "Rock Band 2"

* Want to know how Disney went about naming "Pure"?

* If you play bass in "Rock Band," you probably want this new controller

* Will Wright told us a little about his project after "Spore"

* Mythic tried to explain why you should play "Warhammer" over "Warcraft"

* Peter Molyneux described how he stresses out over big projects

* GameStop explained why they're not afraid of digital distribution

* The developers of "Alone in the Dark" told us why they were thankful for critical reviews

* DJ Wiij told us how he'd make Activision Blizzard's "DJ Hero"

* This week, we're not playing "Dragon Quest IV," "DDR X" or "Drawn to Life"

* Valve explained why the Google buyout rumors didn't mean anything

* I marveled at the Wi-Fi features in the sequel to "Spectrobes"

* Gearbox explained why "Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway" took so long to make

* Tracey John looked at another week's worth of box art

* Konami confirmed they're not making a guitar for "Rock Revolution"

* Stephen Totilo wondered if the Sporepedia is broken

* Peter Molyneux proclaimed he'd solved the "Han Solo problem" in "Fable II"

* LucasArts released their must-do list for "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed"

* Find out what "BioShock" on PlayStation 3 is like

* Tracey John went hands-on with "The Sims 3"

Did you know Aerosmith has made more money with "Guitar Hero" than any album?

* Peter Molyneux talked about his next project -- sort of

* We told you how to unlock every song in "Rock Band 2" the easy way

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