GameStop Promises 'Guitar Hero World Tour' Song Unlock Code In Exchange For Pre-Order

If you want to quickly unlock all 85 master tracks in "Guitar Hero World Tour," GameStop is offering a solution.

In a print advertisement found in the new issue of Game Informer, GameStop promises a code to unlock all of the game's songs -- in exchange for a pre-order at their store.

Earlier this week, we revealed the fastest way to unlock all of the music in "Rock Band 2," also done with a code.

Now, it's unlikely GameStop has a "special" code that can't just be unearthed with a simple Google search, but it's an interesting strategy to invite pre-orders. Most pre-order bonuses are for content that you can't otherwise get. Here, you're just getting the same content as everyone else, but faster.

Does the prospect of easily unlocking every song compel your wallet, readers?