Game Diary - September 19, 2008: Potential 'Crysis' Crisis

'Crysis Warhead'Yesterday I stated in this Diary that I was preparing to install "Crysis" and "Crysis Warhead" on my new gaming PC. The initial results are ok, not great.

My machine, a Gateway P-7811FX, may be a laptop but it's a powerful laptop. This Engadget blog post, which lists my machine's specs, even reported that "Crysis" should run on it smoothly. My computer runs less-intense games such as "Spore" with no difficulty.

I installed both "Crysis" games yesterday. And both games checked my machine, reporting back that they should run at only the minimum settings, with relatively low levels of graphical detail and without anti-aliasing (meaning edges of objects look jagged). I manually raised the settings but that slowed the game down. I switched back and hit up an EA rep to see if the problem's on my end.

This has been the first stumble in what's otherwise been quite a happy story about the most maligned sector of gaming. After years of neglect, I had returned to PC gaming in August via my Gateway laptop. I had not experienced a single problem installing multiple major games and running them on Vista. I'd found myself on the side of PC gaming, shaking my head at the outsiders who complain that the scene is too complex. Arguments I would have made two months ago now seem out of touch.

But then I hit the "Crysis" snag. Hopefully I can work around it. I'm hoping for good news from EA. I'll report back if I hear anything.

Next: My new obsession, the DS' "Air Traffic Chaos," will keep me entertained much of the weekend. And I've got to finally try "Mercenaries 2."