'De Blob' Could Show Up On Other Platforms

"de Blob" is my most anticipated Wii game in 2008. Every time I've played it, I've walked away with a smile.

Even though the Wiimote feels like the perfect mechanism for "de Blob," I can't help but wonder how the paint mechanics would look with more power behind it.

Luckily, "de Blob" producer Nick Hagger told me it's a possibility.

"It's definitely something that we have been thinking about," he said. "We always want to keep the game fresh, so the ideas that we've got for taking it to other platforms…it'll be a very different experience from what you're seeing on Wii. If we are going to be taking it to another platform, we'd be looking at a very different experience, and of course using the massive power that a next gen platform could offer."

Before that, however, "de Blob" drops on Wii. Look for it next Tuesday.

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