How Disney Chose To Name Their Game 'Pure'

"Pure" is an off-road, trick-oriented ATV racer, but you wouldn't know it from the title.

Most racing games attempt to be descriptive about their content in the title, but "Pure" is the opposite. It tells you nothing about the game itself.

That sounds like a risk, so I asked "Pure" game designer Chris Bowles how they came up with the name.

"We arrived at the name 'Pure' after to trying to describe the feelings we were having when playing the game, pure fun, pure excitement, pure adrenaline and it became apparent that we were using the word 'Pure' quite a lot," he explained.

There must have been names they tossed aside, right?

"Another one we had toyed with was 'Vertigo Rush,'" he said, "which was what we called the feeling when you went over one of the very big jumps in 'Pure' and the ground falls away to reveal a 200 ft drop and stunning views 40k into the distance. We still refer to these moments as 'Vertigo Rush' but the game, as you know, is called 'Pure.'"

If you were in charge of naming "Pure," what would you have called it?