Game Diary - September 18, 2008: Airplane Collision

'Air Traffic Chaos'My mid-September gaming drought is no more. Yesterday I received copies of "Crysis: Warhead," "Lock's Quest," and "Air Traffic Chaos." I downloaded "The Witcher: Enhanced Edition" over Steam. And I remembered I had a copy of "Mercenaries 2."

Which of these many games did I dig into first?

Majesco's DS game "Air Traffic Chaos," of course.

I never hoped to play the virtual adventures of a stressed Japanese air traffic controller. Now I see what I was missing.

On the top screen of the DS you see an airport, with terminals, runways and flight paths clearly marked. On the lower screen you can see status displays for up to eight planes. Tell these planes' pilots when to take off, when to taxi, when to take off from runway 16 or land on runway 34. Do this quickly lest the pilots get grumpy and cost you points. And DO NOT let two planes drive into each other on the tarmac or it's game over (I found out the hard way).

A demo for the game should still be available for DS download through the Wii's Nintendo Channel. If like me you didn't desire this game at all, you too may end up enjoying it.

Next: Can't wait to see if my powerful new PC can run "Crysis" and its sequel. The test results will be in tomorrow.