Wii-Loving DJ Explains How He'd Make 'DJ Hero'

As more details on Activision Blizzard's "DJ Hero" trickle out, people are beginning to respond to the "Guitar Hero" publisher's new venture.

MTV Multiplayer reached out to Jimmy "DJ Wiij" Lesondak, who mashes music using a set of Wiimotes connected to a laptop, about his thoughts on "DJ Hero."

We last wrote about Lesondak after stumbling upon one of his Wii-mashed concerts in San Francisco earlier this year.

While Lesondak is reserving judgment until he can see the game for himself, he did outline what kind of game he would make, if he were in charge of "DJ Hero." His version would make use of his existing Wiij setup, negating a new peripheral.

"In my game it would be a little more mixing DJ than scratching DJ, though you could scratch in it. You would play the roll of a start up dj that works his way through playing gigs and buying records. At the gigs they would have a mixing console with 2 decks. Part of the game is getting things to beatmatch right, mixing at the best times, adding effects at the best spots, etc. The score would be kept by the AI crowd. You would have to judge how the crowd was reacting to the type of music you were playing and pick your music accordingly from there."

Would you play Lesondak's version of "DJ Hero," readers?

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