What We're NOT Playing -- Sorry 'Dragon Quest IV,' 'Drawn to Life,' 'DDR X'

We admit we don't have time to play every game that comes out, so some titles must go unplayed for logical (or idiosyncratic) reasons.

Check out the games we're snubbing this week, and let us know if you're with us or if we're completely out of our minds:

Stephen's Not Playing...

"Dragon Quest IV" on DS

Why he's not playing a legendary Japanese role-playing game: How many times must a man get burned trying RPGs that take hours to get interesting, are full of non-player-characters who have nothing important to day, require lots of item management, force the repetition of tedious battles? Note that I have no idea if "DQIV" sports these qualities. It might, in fact, be as refreshingly progressive as the excellent DS JRPG "The World Ends With You." But I won't risk playing many JRPGs and I don't trust the people who praise most of them. If more games in the genre trimmed the tedium, I'd be less cautious. But right now the genre leaves me singed. (Cue angry e-mails about how I'm an MTV guy who should just stick to playing "Halo 3".)

Patrick's Not Playing...

"Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants Edition" on DS

The reason he's not drawing under the sea: For one, I accidentally passed on the original "Drawn to Life" game, so I still need to get back to that. The idea of generating your own 2D platformer is an interesting one, but I never got around to trying it. And while I'd love another shot at that, branding the series with a "SpongeBob SquarePants" moniker isn't the way to pull me back in. There's every reason to believe this follow-up is even better than the original "Drawn to Life," but because there's no appeal in the assets I'll be able to create my world with, I'm passing.

Tracey's Not Playing...

"Dance Dance Revolution X" on PS2

Why she's not steppin' to the special 10th anniversary edition of the game: As much as I enjoy rhythm games, I've never really gotten into "DDR." I tried really hard once (forget which version) to play it, but even on the easiest settings I was tripping over my own feet. I even saw "DDR X" set up at a Konami event yesterday, but was too daunted to try it in front of people. (Plus, this week I plan on being completely sedentary by playing "Warhammer Online" and possibly the enhanced version of "The Witcher.")


Readers, what are you NOT playing this weekend, and why? And will you be playing "Dragon Quest IV," "Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants Edition" or "DDR X"?