Box Art Reviews: 'Star Wars: The Force Unleashed,' 'Rock Band 2,' 'Warhammer Online,' More

In our weekly box art reviews, we judge games based on their looks. And no game is safe from being called out as good, bad or just plain ugly...

"Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" (Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, PS2, PSP, DS)

What the Box Tells Us: The Force you saw before in the "Star Wars" movies? That Force was on a leash. But get ready for the unbridled power of... Midi-chlorians?

Cons: Is it me or does the guy on the cover look awkward holding his lightsaber like that? Do Force-wielders usually put their sabers away when using Force lightning? It's like running with scissors.

Pros: Stormtroopers being zapped and blown away like ragdolls? Yes, please.

Love It or Leave It: Love it.

"Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning" (PC)

What the Box Tells Us: There's a war going on. With axes. And swords. But actually, no hammers?

Cons: To the "Warhammer" noob, it could be a bit overwhelming. And to the "Warhammer" fan, I think that there should be outrage over the company logos placed right on the orc's face. How's he supposed to say "WAAGH!"?

Pros: It looks like there's a lot of violence between the factions.

Love It or Leave It: Love it.

"My Secret World" (DS)

What the Box Tells Us: Not much, because it is a secret world after all. Here, it looks like girls can "create, express and share" their secrets. Various symbols give clues about what the secrets might be: a cell phone, a key, some hearts, and "?!?"

Pros: All this secrecy causes intrigue. What could a trio of dolled-up, pre-teen girls be giggling about?

Cons: How is it your "secret world" if two friends are looking over your shoulder? Friends, get your own DS and your own copy of "My Secret World."

Love It or Leave It: Leave it.

"Rock Band 2" (Xbox 360)

What the Box Tells Us: Forget the mild-mannered, shadowy silhouettes of the first game merely pretending to rock. According the cover of "Rock Band 2," you can actually rock -- on a stage in front of a crowd.

Cons: Hello, stage presence? It seems that the guitarist and bass guitarist have their backs to the audience. Also, side note: why is the girl almost always the bass player?

Pros: The hazy yet vibrant colors are certainly eye-catching, not to mention all the hair that's being bandied about.

Love It or Leave It: Love it.

"Animal Paradise" (DS)

What the Box Tells Us: It's a paradise of animals. Though 18 are claimed to be in the game, I only see eight creatures.

Pros: The animals have hyper-cute (though over-used) blown-up heads.

Cons: It's kind of sparse. What is this paradise? A large white room with less than half the animals promised? And the proportions seem arbitrary: why is the hamster bigger than the dog?

Love It or Leave It: Leave it.