Is The Sporepedia Broken? Sporecast Showcase

The DRM issues with EA's "Spore" haven't affected me. The complaints about the gameplay in some "Spore" stages hasn't stressed me out. But several aspects of the game's Sporepedia index of user-generated content are vexing me.

Fellow "Spore" players, have you found the following features/bugs in the Sporepedia?

1) Cannot track my creatures in other games. "Spore" mastermind Will Wright recently told me that this feature has been planned for the game. But neither he nor my "Spore"-playing friends can confirm if it's already active in "Spore" or on One friend found a listing in his My Spore Page's Events section that indicated one of his creations was "Epic-ized" in another gamer's session with the Space Stage. Otherwise, I can find out nothing about the fate of my creature (Sunstone), his car (The Wrongcycle) or any of my other creations.

2) Cannot find the best Sporecasts. Sporecasts are collections of Spore content gathered by players of the game. I can subscribe to Sporecasts either through or through the in-game Sporepedia. On, we theoretically have the option to filter by most popular, but the option doesn't work. (If you have a user ID you can try the apparently broken feature yourself.) In the Sporepedia, I don't even have the option to filter based on popularity. So how am I supposed to find the best of the game's nearly 19,000 Sporecasts?

3) The Events list lacks notable Events. The in-game My Spore Page lists Events, which are supposedly important things happening in "Spore" that I should care about. Last night, my in-game page listed a scant three events: two involved the creation of Sporecasts by someone on my in-game Buddy List; the other was a notification that the same friend had scored an Achievement. No other Events were listed, even though I've been playing the game for more than two weeks. That's not how it's supposed to work, right? (Futher confusion on this matter: Kotaku editor and my "Spore" Buddy Brian Crecente tested some of this with me last night. He checked his Events list and said it included such as Events as me commenting on a creation of his -- not weird -- and another Event regarding me commenting on something made by Joystiq's Justin McElroy -- weird. Why would that be an Event in Brian's game?)

4) Buddies I didn't ask for. I have at least one member on my in-game Buddies list who I'm certain I didn't invite. How did he/she get on my Buddy list?


None of these problems are game-breakers. And none can shake me from being greatly impressed by the creation of the Sporepedia and the potential for content-sharing that it represents. But I'm either not understanding how this thing works or the Sporepedia needs a few patches.

Fellow "Spore" players, have you also found problems with the Sporepedia?