Analysts Predict Whether You Will Buy 'GTA IV' DLC

'Grand Theft Auto IV'In a report issued Friday to review publisher Take-Two's earnings and EA's faded interest in buying the company, analysts Michael Pachter and Edward Woo of Wedbush Morgan Securities discussed the near future of the "Grand Theft Auto" publisher.

A stand-out element of their analysis is the following prediction about the performance of the Xbox 360-exclusive "GTA IV" downloadable content, in which they estimate how many of you "GTA IV" owners will buy the supposed two-part offering:

The downloadable content should perform quite well. However, with an estimated 65% of sales on the Xbox 360 platform, the number of downloads remains limited. We expect that two-thirds of all Xbox 360 GTA IV players will seek to purchase downloadable content, with half of those buying both downloads, and with the other half buying only one. This represents around 4.2 million players...

The DLC hasn't been officially dated, though Take-Two had indicated that it will be released during the November-January quarter. Did Pachter and Woo get it right? Will two-thirds of "GTA IV" 360 owners buy this stuff? But only a sixth buying both packs? If you were planning on getting both, you're in the minority. Or so they predict.


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