'BioShock' On PS3 Feels Like…'BioShock' On PS3

The fact that "BioShock" feels like more of the same on another platform isn't a bad thing. "BioShock" on PlayStation 3 looks, feels, plays and sounds like "BioShock" did on Xbox 360 and PC, from the moment your plane erupts into flames and plunges to the water.

PS3 owners have been conditioned to expect their versions of multi-platform games to look inferior to their Xbox 360 counterparts. That problem is not present in the PS3 port of "BioShock." The PS3 version of Rapture is the same as it was almost a year ago, except 2K Games has included some bonus material for the fans that have been waiting.

The new material -- PS3 trophy support, Survivor Mode (enemies are harder), puzzle rooms (the most promising addition) -- probably wouldn't be enough to convince me re-buy "BioShock," but they're welcome additions to an already fantastic package. 2K Games promises playable code soon soon. Maybe the extras are more invigorating than they seem; I'll have to let you know.

My brief hands-on time with the PS3 version didn't bring any surprises, but that's a good thing. Really, all it did was make me want to play "BioShock" again, and that's not something I'm willing to say about very many games.