Microsoft Wants To Share New 'Halo' News 'Sooner Than Later'

It's been more than a month since Microsoft slipped to us that Bungie's secret project is a new "Halo." Bungie hyped an E3 reveal, but Microsoft canceled those plans.

Microsoft promised news later this year, but that hasn't materialized yet. During the 1UP Yours panel at PAX, an audience member asked Bungie writer Luke Smith about the still-unannounced game.

"Unfortunately, that's not a question for me," he told an audience member. "You'll have to ask Microsoft."

So, while we had Microsoft's Xbox director of product management on the phone on Wednesday, we asked: When are we going to hear about Bungie's next "Halo" project, Aaron Greenberg?

"Hopefully soon," he told us. "We haven't said anything exactly yet, but I know the 'Halo' nation and Xbox fans out there are waiting and there's been a lot of rumors. We hope to be able to have some more information to share sooner than later."

As soon as we have more news to share, we'll pass it on.

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