One-Liner: 'Warhammer Online' Designer On How 'WoW' Delayed His Game

"We obviously had a major bump when 'Burning Crusade' came out. When [Blizzard] released that expansion, they raised the expectations of the player; they put in some of what we call 'water cooler quests,' the things that you talk about around the watercooler. We looked at the amount of content they put in that and said we need more time if we want to add some of those things, if we want our own water cooler quests or more water cooler quests. So our choice was to delay the game and spend more time on it. It was a major bump."

-- EA Mythic head and lead "Warhammer Online" designer Mark Jacobs, answering my question during a recent interview about what "bumps" the developers faced while making the game

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