Direct From SF: My Favorite PAX Memories, Photos

It's been a year of firsts for me. 2008 marked my first time attending both Comic-Con and the Penny Arcade Expo.

And I'm so glad I went to both. They each proved to be amazing experiences, places were I was comfortable as not only a writer and a gamer -- but as an all-encompassing nerd.

PAX 2008 wrapped up on Sunday, and I wish I'd been in better health for the three-day weekend. But a pounding cough and a runny nose didn't stop me from having a great time, meeting good people and coming away with some awesome photo ops.

Some of my favorite memories from PAX…

* Speaking in front of a crowd (300+ people!) for the first time since 5th grade

* Conducting interviews where my voice sounded like I'd turned 16 all over again

* Realizing "Dr. Horrible"'s Felicia Day is a bigger geek most PAX attendees

* Discovered I actually have fans, which means I…

* Signed my first autograph to a fan (take that, rock star brother!)

* Experienced the United Airlines VIP lounge for the first time, ooh!

You should scope MTV Multiplayer's Flickr page for our complete PAX gallery, but as for my personal highlights…

Why did I pick that last one? Mostly because it's such a terrible picture of John Davison and I hanging out at the 1UP community party. Either way, I can't wait to attend both shows next year. Hope to see you there, too!

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