Rare's Must-Do List For 'Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise' Players

'Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise'If you're about to go on a trip to a new town or country and you know someone who's been there, you may ask for recommendations. What do I have to do when I go there? For example, if you're coming to New York City, you must ride the subway. If you go to Rome, you have to go to the incredible bone church. And if you go to Belize, you've got to go snorkeling.

Since playing a new video game is similar to visiting a new country, Multiplayer is going to start asking the people who make these games -- who've been to these foreign lands -- for a list of things we have to do when we visit. What do we have to do in these games to have the best time?

Here's the first installment, via the folks at Rare in England, for all of you stepping into the world of the studio's new game. Oddly, their tips seem like they're written in a foreign language. I've played hours of the game and even I don't understand them all.

Rare Developers' Must-Do List For Players of

"Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise"

(Xbox 360 Fantasy Garden Simulator, September 2008)

1) Feed a Parrybo with Candary candy and watch it swashbuckle like a pirate.

2) Unpack a triggered trap thinking it's a Sweetle only to find a Camelo staring back at you.

3) Accidentally feed a Doenut the fir tree seed and watch in surprise as he morphs into a Moojoo.

4) Have your brother's high-level prize piñata soundly thrashed by your humble Whilrm in the P-Factor.

5) Watch a Sparrowmint ride a train around the garden until he fills up with candy - then send him to a party!

6) Spend the night fending off the Sour Sherbat then breathe a sigh of relief as the sun rises over Piñata Central and the little pest flies off for the day.

7) Take some time to watch the Piñata Central blimp fly over the garden while the sprinkling you hired keeps all your crops well watered.

8 ) Watch a Custacean with bunny slippers on walk out of his house and down the beach in the morning light, as if they're off to fetch the morning paper.