Video Game Animals -- Nominations For The Best Of The Rest

Back in January, we decided to try to find the Greatest Animal in the History of Video Games.

Each month, we listed as many animals as we could think of for each species. Then we had a stellar panel of judges, as well as readers, choose the winner for each category.

After rounding up lists of horses, canines, aquatic creatures, birds, reptiles/amphibians, felines, monkeys/apes, we feel we've exhausted every species worthy of their own post.

So here's the best of the rest including notable hedgehogs, foxes, bears, rabbits and even some random insects...

Charmy Bee from the "Sonic the Hedgehog" series

The cute, cheerful and child-like Charmy helps Sonic's Chaotix team by finding hidden objects.

Espio the Chameleon from the "Sonic the Hedgehog" series

A member of Sonic's Chaotix team, Espio can turn his body transparent for stealth and is also an expert ninja.

Mighty the Armadillo from the "Sonic the Hedgehog" series

Friend of Knuckles, Mighty is an armadillo who abhors violence and only fights when there is no other choice.

The Ants and Spiders in "Earth Defense Force 2017"

The persisent ant- and spider-like aliens in "EDF 2017" had power in numbers. The best part about them was the unrealistic physics; blow them up with a bazooka and their corpses roll around like knocked-down bowling pins.


The bear co-star of the "Banjo-Kazooie" games, Banjo often carries around his partner Kazooie, a Red Crested Breegull, in his backpack during their platforming adventures.

Conker the Squirrel

Don't be fooled by his cuteness: the star of "Conkers Bad Fur Day" and its remake "Live & Reloaded" is a foul-mouthed squirrel with a penchant for alcohol and excessive violence.

Crash Bandicoot

A bandicoot is a terrestrial marsupial, and Crash is probably the most famous one of all, starring in his own series of platformer games since 1996.

Daxter from the "Jak & Daxter" series

Daxter was a boy transformed into an ottsel, a combination of an otter and a weasel, and is the loud-mouthed best friend of mute protagonist Jak. While he helps Jak throughout the series, he's only the primary playable character in his eponymous PSP game.

Fox McCloud from the "Star Fox" series

Controlling an expert Arwing pilot and leader of the Star Fox team, players would take the role of Fox McCloud in order save the Lylat system from impending doom.

Sly Cooper

An anthropomorphic raccoon, Sly and his team of thieves band together to fight a robotic owl and a mandrill mad scientist all while avoiding the clutches of Interpol agent Carmelita Fox.

Murray Hippo from the "Sly Cooper" series

Murray Hippo feeds into the hungry hippo stereotype while serving as Sly's good-natured getaway driver and all-around tough guy.

Sonic the Hedgehog

The legendary blue-coiffed hedgehog first ran his way into gamers' hearts in a platform adventure game on the Sega Genesis. Since then he's expanded into comics, TV shows and a slew of other games, and has become one of the world's most recognized game characters alongside Mario and Link.

Max from "Sam & Max"

A "hyperkinetic rabbity thing," Max is partner to dog detective Sam. The two are private investigators who travel the world solving mysteries in their now-episodic adventure games.

Raving Rabbids

Anthropomorphic rabbit-type creatures, raving rabbids are maniacal critters who can be seen terrorizing lead character Rayman in the recent "Rayman Raving Rabbids" series of games.

Rambi the Rhino from "Donkey Kong Country"

Doing what rhinos do best, Rambi can ram its way through walls to unlock secret doors.

The Fudgehog from "Viva Pinata"

Okay, there are many animals in "Viva Pinata" but one of our favorites is the Fudgehog, a hedgehog-like pinata who feeds on Whirlms.

Any rat in any RPG

Can't we have an entry for the prototypical role-playing-game rat? This rat lives in the sewers of dozens of RPGs, waiting to be killed in your first quest as a hero. The question isn't "Which RPG is this rat in?" It's "Which RPG is this rat not in?" The rodent has had more appearances in video games than Super Mario.

Readers, we know there are plenty more animals (including various Pokemon and "Animal Crossing" creatures). Write in your favorites for the judges' consideration, then check back later this month for the winner of the miscellaneous category.

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