Boastful Rapper Actually Is Good At 'Madden,' Statistics Prove

The Game, Talking To MTV News About His 'Madden' ChallengePeople brag. People talk trash. And rapper Game has been doing a lot of that as he's been hyping his album-promoting $100,000 "Madden" face-off against fellow rapper Bow Wow. My colleague, MTV News hip-hop reporter Shaheem Reid, has been following the hype for the face-off which will finally occur this Friday in L.A.

But I've been skeptical.

Sha's latest story about the face-off quotes Game saying he's the best "Madden" player in the world. Really? I didn't believe it, even though Game gave out his PSN ID (he calls it a Gamertag even though he loves the PS3 enough to have a PS3 necklace) and challenged doubters to look at his record on

I checked his record. It isn't as good as he says it is. He's not top in the world. But he's close.

As of this morning, the Game, aka PSN player "L-A-X" is #6 "Madden NFL 09" player in the world of EA, with a record of 174 wins, 31 losses and five games that he didn't finish. Note that last night, when Sha ran the story, Game's record was 171-30, so he managed a 3-1 record in the last 16 hours.

Not bad!