Nintendo of America Responds To New DS Report

nullOver the weekend message boards and gaming blogs started picking up a report form the Japanese Nikkei news outlet, reporting that Nintendo is set to announce a revised DS that includes music playback and a camera.

Nintendo of Japan already issued a no comment. This morning, Nintendo of America has issued the following statement.

"The Nikkei newspaper wrote a recent story about a DS solely based upon their own research and speculation, without interviewing Nintendo. While Nintendo is always working on new hardware, we have not made any announcement about a DS and we cannot comment on the Nikkei story."

This was in response to an inquiry from MTV Multiplayer to clarify the Nikkei report and to address whether the reported model would be a new DS or a refresh of existing hardware.

If there's truth to the Nikkei report, we'll likely know on Wednesday, when Nintendo president Satoru Iwata delivers the company's annual fall presentation. Last year, the event included the blockbuster announcement that the next console sequel to Japan's hottest franchise, "Monster Hunter," is coming to the Wii.