Sony Online Considering MMOs On PSP

Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley has revealed to MTV Multiplayer that the company is considering massively multiplayer online games for the PSP.

"I think PSP is something that we're definitely looking at; 34 million [sold] worldwide really opens your eyes, and they're all connected," Smedley told me in an interview following his keynote and panel appearance about the future of MMOGs at the New York Games Conference on Friday.

"We started to get very interested in [the PSP] when we switched over from Sony Pictures to Sony Computer Entertainment back in April," he explained. "And as we've kind of got our heads up looking around the world within Sony Computer Entertainment, we're really starting to see a big push for PSP. We think it's a world-class device... In the future, we see full MMOs that are designed for the PSP."

However, before full-fledged MMOs, Smedley sees integration of existing online games with the handheld device, though the company hasn't finalized any decisions. "Maybe one way to do it: In 'Free Realms,' you could have a pet-training system that literally connects to our online gaming where you can mess around with your pet," he said of SOE's younger-skewing MMO due out next year.

"Another way to do it might be to give them mini-games that they can do [on the PSP] when sitting at a bus stop," he offered. "You're sitting there leveling up your character, you log in at home when you're on wi-fi, and all of sudden your character has leveled up. We think those kinds of experiences are very possible."

Readers, do you want to see MMOs on the PSP?

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