Michael Phelps Didn't Really Get New 'Call Of Duty' Early

Michael PhelpsViewers of CBS' Early Show yesterday were treated to a sight arguably more extraordinary than swimmer Michael Phelps' procurement of eight gold medals at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

To win eight gold medals, a man merely has to swim faster than any other man in the world. That's easy compared to what appeared to happen on the Early Show, when the producers appeared to bend the laws of space and time as they presented Phelps a copy of "Call of Duty: World At War" for the PS3 - a game that won't be released for at least another month or two, if not further into the future than that. The CBS host assured Phelps that Activision wanted Phelps to have the game first.

I asked an Activision PR rep yesterday how this happened and found out that there was an asterisk to this extraordinary achievement. All Phelps really got was a "Call of Duty: World At War" box, with an I.O.U.

So if you're ever on the Early Show yourself and the host hands you a game box, do what the people who take trade-in games do at GameStop and open that case up.

"World at War" development studio Treyarch provides a little more information about the Phelps stunt on their blog: Michael Phelps Gets A Special Gift From Treyarch & Activision!

Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images