New 'Survivor' Contestant Plucked From Ranks Of Top 'Smash Bros.' Players

Ken Hoang, a contestant on the next season of "Survivor" is already used to heavy competition: he's one of the nation's top "Super Smash Bros. Melee" players.

Though he's already won over $50,000 playing competitively, Hoang is now setting his eyes on the million-dollar prize in the upcoming season of the CBS reality show. The top-rated program, in its 17th run, pits 18 people against the wilderness, various physical challenges and each other to remain the last one standing.

So will his video game skills help the 22 year-old Westminster, California native outlast the rest? He told Entertainment Weekly in their exclusive cast preview published online today:

"Gaming will help me because I do well under pressure. I always come through. I rarely choke. I'm the underdog, I think all the fans will root for me to win. I would root for myself if I was watching TV.''

We'll be rooting for Hoang too. Check out a video of him talking about the show here, and you can see how well he does when "Survivor: Gabon" premieres on September 25.

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