Take 2 Regrets Caucasian-Only Character Options In 'Carnival Games'

Earlier this year, I complained about the lack of skin color choices for the Wii title "Carnival Games."

I was bothered that a casual, family-oriented game didn't include any skin tones other than pale, Caucasian ones for its character customization.

2K Play marketing director Christina Recchio admitted the exclusion of a skin color palette was a problem. "We knew it should've been in the first one," she said. "Unfortunately by the time it had gone to manufacturing, it was something that couldn't be changed in the original product. But when we were developing for the DS, it was the first thing that we put in there because we knew we needed a larger variety."

But how could such a thing happen in the first place?

"I just think it was -- honestly -- a complete oversight," Recchio said, adding that she wasn't at 2K at the time. "It was just the developers [Cat Daddy] were developing the game, they got so far down the line it was just something that couldn't be added without affecting the ship date of the game. But it wasn't deliberate, by any means."

Recchio said the decision to add it not only came as a response from the gamer community, but "even if we didn't hear back from anybody [we would've added it]."

The issue was remedied in July's "Carnival Games" for the DS, which has a color slider for players to adjust their avatar's skin tone. In the "Carnival Games: Mini-Golf" Wii game slated for October, players can choose from 12 different shades. "It's definitely something that we're very conscious of this time," she said.

She also told me me that players can expect skin tone choice in "Carnival Games 2."

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