'Space Invaders' Vs. World Trade Center -- Creator Explains 9/11 Project

'Invaders!' Insallation At GC, Via KotakuToday Kotaku reported and posted an image about a "Space Invaders" mod that, of all things, sets the famous arcade game against the backdrop of the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11.

The game is being presented as an art installation at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany as part of a 30th anniversary celebration of "Space Invaders."

Who would make such a thing and why?

I did a web search and found a full explanation on the GC site that's suddenly slow to load.

Here's the deal:

Installation for the exhibition “30 Years of Space Invaders"


Invaders! (2008), Douglas Edric Stanley (USA/F)

The World Trade Center attacks mark a deep cut in our recent history that is still being processed. The French-American artist Douglas Edric Stanley has found an unusual – though obvious – metaphor with his work “Invaders!”, which is based on the 1978 arcade original. In his interactive large installation, the players must prevent the catastrophe by controlling the well- known cannon at the lower screen border with their bodies and firing it using arm movements. Like the original, this trial is ultimately

unsuccessful, thus creating an articulated and critical commentary about the current war strategy. In this regard, Douglas Edric Stanley sees Space Invaders as “a social tale that can be related to historical tales without losing its poetic power” (D.E. Stanley).

You can watch a video of people playing "Invaders!" and judge it for yourself at this YouTube link.

Read more from the creator and even download the game at his blog.