What We’re Not Playing — Sorry ‘Too Human,’ ‘Geometry Wars’ And ‘PixelJunk Eden’

We admit we can’t play every game. And sometimes, we just don’t want to.

Here are our picks of what titles we’re neglecting for the week.

If you convince us otherwise, maybe we’ll give them a try. But until then our apologies to the following titles…

Tracey’s Not Playing…
Too Human” on Xbox 360

Why she’s feeling dubious about trying this game at the moment: It’s been said that “Too Human” has some elements of “Diablo,” and one preview even claimed that the game is “Microsoft’s Diablo.” Obviously I’m a huge “Diablo” fan, but I’m not sure I’ll like this after reading some of the reviews (I don’t have the game, and I haven’t tried the demo yet; I might get to it this weekend). Are there any “Diablo” fans out there enjoying this game? I’m curious about what you think…

Stephen’s Not Playing…
“Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2” on XBLA

How he kicked the habit: Those people who can’t stop playing this game, take solace in knowing that I once was one of you. I once couldn’t turn on my 360 without falling into the sandtrap of excellence that is “GWRE2.” But there is escape! Simply identify a friend on your leaderboard who’s score you want to crush. Then crush it. Then move on, relishing the victory. And — this is key — never looking back to see if they came back and beat you. Note that this strategy works best for players who are mediocre.

Patrick’s Not Playing…
“PixelJunk Eden” on PSN

Why I’m avoiding this beautiful game: Twice now, I have attempted to understand what’s so great about the latest “PixelJunk” release. I love the style, but can’t get over the controls. I keep falling all over the place and tapping twice to properly jump just feels off. A number of people have told me to “stick with it” and it’ll click, but considering how many games are being released lately (what happened to slow summers?), I don’t have the time or patience to babysit something that hasn’t clicked with me yet. It’s on my hard drive, though. I’ll go back to it sometime. But not now. Sorry.


Readers, what games are you not going to touch this week, and why?

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