'Nerf N-Strike' Produces Greatest Wiimote Add-On Ever?

Playing with NERF guns is one of my most treasured childhood pastimes. Somehow, I never poked my eye out.

But I have a chance to risk it over again, thanks to Electronic Arts "NERF N-Strike" and what is probably the coolest add-on being released for the Wiimote yet.

The add-on slips over the Wiimote and not only functions as a decent pistol-looking holder for Wii shooters, but simultaneously being a real-life NERF gun. GameSpy's Phil Theobald shot me in the chest to prove it worked as described. I survived.

Unfortunately, the game itself isn't as exciting for someone over the age of 10.

I will admit to giggling with excitement watching "NERF N-Strike" shoot a virtual NERF dart at your chosen menu selection. It even arcs and bobs like you remember. That's the most endearing part of "NERF N-Strike." It nails the feel of shooting random endless amount of virtual darts without the pain of actually having to reload anything.

It's just too bad you're not shooting it at actual human opponents. Instead, "NERF N-Strike" has its own, unique fiction about a dangerous robot invasion. You have no control over player movement and are tasked with being concerned with the robots littering the environment. It feels like the old full-motion-video games that were big in the 90s.

That's not a big deal if you're a kid. The fun of attaching a NERF gun to your Wiimote, having the ability to detatch the gun part and shoot your best friend with one of the three bundled darts sounds like an absolute dream for the younger version of me.

Instead, I'm more excited about picking up the NERF add-on without the game. I'm told the add-on should retail for $14.99, while the game itself (with one free gun) arrives for $59.99. And with over 25 other kinds of NERF blasters available to mess with in the game itself, there's a lot of reason for Electronic Arts to be excited about "NERF N-strike."

Just keep your expectations in check, depending on your age.

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