Still No U.S. Plans For Disc-Based 'Siren: Blood Curse'

"Siren: Blood Curse" may be giving "Silent Hill: Homecoming" a run for its horror money this year, but there's one difference: "Silent Hill" is showing up at retail.

Even though Sony has released "Siren" on a Blu-ray disc in Japan and Asia (with plans for Europe), there are still no plans for a proper retail release in the United States, Sony told me.

"At this time, there is not Blu-ray Disc version planned for the North American market," said a company representative in an e-mailed statement. "Please note, however, that you are able to delete and then re-download episodes since the purchase is linked to your PSN account. The developers kept this functionality in mind knowing that the episodes were fairly beefy. "

It's very possible that Sony is simply waiting to see how "Siren" continues to perform as an online-exclusive (as opposed to "Warhawk"'s simultaneous distribution), and the complete "season" of "Siren" episodes will appear at retail down the road. Its performance abroad at retail could also impact that.

If you still haven't tried "Siren," however, don't wait for the disc. It's worth playing now.

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