Crucial iPhone 'Super Monkey Ball' Patch Coming

Having trouble controlling "Super Monkey Ball" on an iPhone? You aren't alone.

Even though the breakout mobile hit has sold more than 300,000 copies on Apple's application store, most users still cite issues with the control (me included!)

MTV Multiplayer has confirmed that Sega is working on a patch. We were told the patch was imminent at E3. Yesterday, we learned Sega is still "working with Apple on the patch."

The patch should (at least) introduce the ability to tweak the "dead zone" in "Super Monkey Ball." The dead zone is the orientation at which you could hold the iPhone to stop moving. As it stands, it's almost impossible to find the "dead zone" without dying multiple times.

There is no ETA on the patch, however. As iPhone users have come to expect, application patches come randomly during the day. As soon as we know something more specific, we'll let you know.

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