The Week in Multiplayer -- 'Diablo III,' 'Mass Effect' DLC, 'Guitar Hero: Metallica,' The Ubisoft Protest And More

Readers, you may have noticed we got a new comments system this week. Learn how it works, and then weigh in our slew of stories:

* Lead "Diablo III" designer Jay Wilson judged fan-made screenshots (which was referenced by Penny Arcade), explained why the Necromancer class was cut and talked about the possibility of a new, improved secret cow level.

* After all the controversy, "Diablo III" art director Brian Morrisroe resigned (for reasons allegedly unrelated to rainbows).

* BioWare revealed the company is considering more "Mass Effect" DLC, and they also shed light on some new "Dragon Age" details.

* Patrick Klepek covered the protest outside Ubisoft's San Francisco offices, where Iraq veterans and others spoke out against the publisher's ties to the "America's Army" series. See photos from the protest here.

* Lead "World of Warcraft" designer Jeffrey Kaplan gave me details on the game's new Achievement system and the user interface changes. He also revealed information about the upcoming Blizzard Accounts which will track Achievements across other Blizzard games, including "Diablo" and "Starcraft."

* Stephen learned that Brett Favre's move to the Jets prompted EA to produce an alternate "Madden NFL 09" cover as well as a roster update.

* Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich was a bit secretive when talking about the band's upcoming "Guitar Hero" game, but said that Metallica and Activision are becoming BFFs.

* Stephen also talked with EA CEO John Riccitiello about the console war, being compared with Activision, and how they're not going to make any more "crappy" licensed games.

* The winners of this year's E3 awards were announced, and Japanese creators took home the fewest awards in 11 years. Why is that?

* We reported that the American version of "The Last Guy" will start in San Francisco.

* "Siren: Blood Curse" has kept Patrick awake until the wee hours.

* He also got his first taste of cleaning a virtual baby.

* Is "Colosseum" the most impressive game yet on Xbox's Community Games beta?

* The Force is strong in Patrick. Read his impressions of "The Force Unleashed" on the iPhone.

* See Patrick take the PC Wiimote clone for a test drive.

* We re-launched our "What We're NOT Playing" feature in a new easier-to-read format.

* Watch Fergie, Nelly Furtado and other celebrities duke it out in these exclusive "Celebrity Sports Showdown" videos here and here.

* Patrick went back and played "Mega Man 1" to prep for "Mega Man 9" and nostalgia's sake. Care to join him?

* Can you name all the old-school games in this Kanye West video?

* Patrick crushed IGN on "Reset Generation." Who will be his next victim?

* MTV intern Ren-An Lo needed your help deciding which console to buy. Here's his final decision.

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