I've Crushed IGN At 'Reset Generation' -- Who's Next?!

Rushing through e-mails, sometimes you agree to things by accident.

Take, for example, entering a journalist tournament for N-Gage strategy game "Reset Generation." The game showed up last week, punctuating what I'd done.

Today, I was matched against IGN writer Christopher Carle. I'd barely played more than the tutorial of "Reset Generation." I was prepared to accept defeat and move on with my life. But instead, MTV Multiplayer delivered two crushing blows to Carle -- his pixels swiftly defeated.

Maybe I'm...good at this game? Nokia wanted us to play "Reset Generation" on phones they'd sent, but neither Carle or myself could get the phone to hold a Wi-Fi connection. Thankfully, the web version allowed us to compete just fine. If by compete, of course, you mean I stomped Charle out! Ooh!

You can track the tournament here, and I highly recommend you check out "Reset Generation" (available free here); it's an immensely addictive combo of "Tetris" and "Advance Wars" and only takes a few minutes to pick up. It's too bad it's limited to N-Gage, but at least you can check it out on your PC, too.