Behold The Most Impressive Xbox 360 Community-Made Game: 'Colosseum'

Microsoft's Xbox 360 downloadable Community Games initiative doesn't roll out until this fall, but I've been playing around in the beta for weeks and found some…interesting entries.

But I've discovered the most impressive Community Game so far: "Colosseum."

"Colosseum" is a four-player, cel-shaded 3D brawler with its own, albeit basic, combo system -- combat is handled on the right stick, a la "Too Human" -- and a multitude of characters and game modes to choose from. There's even a tutorial!

Most Community Games are better regarded as prototypes for something else that might someday be mad, but "Coliseum" stands out as a game that can be praised on its merits rather than just potential. It needs work, sure, but it's impressive, and something that could catch the eye of a publisher.

"Colosseum" looks like the real deal. You could have told me it was an Xbox Live Arcade release scheduled for later this year and I would have believed you. Check out a few more screen shots of the game in action below.

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