In America, 'The Last Guy' Starts In San Francisco

San FranciscoLast week we broke news about how the PlayStation 3's downloadable game "The Last Guy" will involve saving crowds of people on maps based on 14 cities of the world. The same day that news came out a demo level was released in Japan, set in part of Tokyo.

The American version is set for release "soon," according to Sony representatives. And where the American demo will begin is San Francisco.

Earlier this week I tried the American version's first level, set in SF's Fisherman's Wharf. The game uses an aerial photograph of the region for the level (not a Google map, despite frequent mis-reporting). I controlled a zombie from the Himalayas who runs through the streets and alleyways of the region, absorbing a train of people from any nearby buildings. The more people you collect, the longer the crowd trails -- and the more likely that city-roaming enemies will intercept and kill your crowd. I had to collect 1000 people under a few-minute time limit and then I unlocked a second map.

Players can make their zombie dash, activate a thermal view that shows where un-rescued people are hiding and draw their trail of people into a smaller, safer cluster. There are power-ups available, but I didn't use any.

The game was fun, if slight. For the right price, I think people will enjoy running the maps, saving people.