Game Diary - August 7, 2008: Unobsessed With 'Dolphin Olympics 2'

'Dolphin Olympics 2' - Image Via JoystiqA trusted friend had led me to believe that "Dolphin Olympics 2," a free PC browser game available on the Kongregate service which hosts my 2007 Game of The Year, is as captivating as a bear trap.

This friend has been known to fire up "DO2" in his web browser during moments of boredom, turning such periods into moments of glee. Sadly, I failed to do the same.

On Wednesday night, near the conclusion of a long day, I took my first dip into "Dolphin Olympics 2." I used the arrow keys to swim and soar a dolphin through sea and air. I just wasn't hooked, netted or whatever verb you use to describe ensnaring the smartest animal in the ocean.

Hang on while I try the game again (via this link) to be sure it's not for me..


No. Just played another two-minute game. Just swam through hoops, flipped over the horizon and scored lots of point. It's like a 2D dolphin-based "Tony Hawk." But, sorry, Justin, this is not going to be another "Desktop Tower Defense" for me.

Diary readers, give it a shot and see for yourself. I do hear that many people love it.

Next: Game time has been scarce this week. Maybe I'll get some "Eden" in tonight?