Thanks To You, Our Intern Decides Which Console To Buy

MTV Games summer intern Ren-An Lo has read your comments about which console he should buy, and he's made his decision. Read on...

Last week, I needed help deciding whether or not to buy an Xbox 360 or a PS3.

After a heated debate, I made my choice.

I didn't include the Wii as one of my options because of my love for "FIFA" and "Prince of Persia" on traditional controllers. To those who were suggesting the Wii, don't get me wrong: I think that the system is an awesome creation where games such as "Wii Sports" bowling or even ping-pong can be realistic and fun. But for soccer, a sport where you use your feet, the Wii doesn't make it any more realistic than the other consoles.

I appreciate the feedback from everyone. There were a lot of different comments that helped me choose what system suited me. So which console did I go with?

After meditating on which console to purchase, I've decided on the Xbox 360.

There are several reasons why I made this decision. One is that if I'm going to get one of these consoles to just play "FIFA," it's not worth it. I may have grown accustomed to the PS2 controller but I don't think I will have trouble adapting to the 360 controler for "FIFA." And since "Project Gotham Racing" is an Xbox exclusive, and the "Prince of Persia" series is available for it too, it works out. Finally, reading people's comments convinced me that the online community and experience seems so much better on Xbox Live. I also think I will make my return to the realm of "Halo," which I used to be hooked on in high school.

Meanwhile, the Playstation 3 does seem to be the superior machine in terms of features. However, I know I will not take full advantage of what it has to offer, since I'm not very interested in watching Blu-ray movies.

In the end, the games I enjoy and the online experience won me over.

And to the commenters who took issue with me loving "FIFA" over "Pro Evolution Soccer": I do think "Pro Evolution Soccer" is a great franchise; I've played it multiple times. However, I enjoy "FIFA" more, and I have been and will always be a "FIFA" addict!