What We're Not Playing - Vastly Improved Edition

History will remember this 42nd edition of What We're Not Playing as a breakthrough in human civilization's efforts to understand why some games go ignored by gamers.

We used to try to help this field of study by presenting weekly (whiny) IM chats about what games we were shunning. We now offer a simpler presentation.

What follows are the games we're not playing this week and why. The comments section below is where you can tell us just how out of our minds we are.

Stephen's Not Playing...

Wii cooking game "Order Up!"

Why he's neglecting the hard work of the game's creators: I believe this is the first game to come packaged with a chef hat. That alone did not compel me to try this out on my Wii. But I did hear on the 1UpYours podcast that this game is the next evolution of "Cooking Mama," or something like that. So I'm going to try it someday. Just not in this "Siren"-obsessed week.

Tracey’s Not Playing…

Wii sports games "Summer Athletics: The Ultimate Challenge," "Little League World Series 2008," "King of Clubs"

Why she's neglecting the hard work of the game's creators: With New York’s temperature in the high '80s, I don't think I'll want to sit in my apartment swinging my arms like a maniac and drowning in my own sweat. Maybe in the dead of winter I’ll boot these up when I’m nostalgic for the blazing summer sun.

Patrick's Not Playing...

"Summer Athletics" for Wii

Why he's neglecting the hard work of the game's creators: Outside of the fact that there was very few games to even decide on passing on this week, I've never been fond of Olympic games. Not since they were called "Track & Field" and made use of the Power Pad, anyway. Yes, "Summer Athletics" is for the Wii, but it's also from Conspiracy Entertainment. On its face, that doesn't inspire much confidence -- unless a reader can prove me wrong?


What are you not playing this week? And why?