Attention All Multiplayer Readers -- Important News About Comments On This Blog

Dear Readers,

As editor of MTV Multiplayer, one of the genuine joys I have every day is reading the comments the readers of this blog add under the posts Patrick, Tracey and I write. I love the conversation. And for every trolling screed, there are several smart, interesting comments made. But our comments technology wasn't the best and has been improved.

Avid readers may have noticed that a little earlier today Multiplayer blog switched platforms for comments. As a result, here are some good and not-so-good things all readers should be aware of:

The Good

  • You no longer need to wait for your comments to appear on this site. Whatever you write in your comment should appear within seconds -- not minutes or even an hour, which used to be the delay you all suffered under because of the older tech.
  • Your comments will be attached to a profile that will let you follow the posts of your favorite comment-writers (like me, Tracey, and Patrick). You will also be able to mark articles you like, build a friends list and all sorts of other social-networking stuff.

The Not-So-Good

  • In order to comment you will have to register via e-mail. It's not as bad as it sounds. You will only need to do this once. I have two accounts with the service, and neither had been spammed, so don't worry that you're going to get a pile of e-mails from us.
  • There is one tricky part of sign-up: you'll be asked to name your Profile URL. For that, just enter whatever word or phrase you'd like to have appear at the end of the user homepage that will be created as part of your sign-up. If you don't do this properly, you'll get an error and have to start again. You've been warned...

One more thing!

Thanks for reading. And thanks, as always, for commenting!