EA: 'Boom Blox' Probably Coming To Other Platforms

'Boom Blox'I'm finally getting back to my E3 interview with EA president John Riccitiello. The chat produced our E3-week post about "Boom Blox" sales, which the company says have now cracked 450,000 worldwide). A good way to get back into it is a little more "Boom Blox," no?

After Riccitiello praised the game and expressed his optimism about a possible sequel, I asked if the game had a shot at appearing on any consoles other than the Wii. He said:

"We haven't made announcements on that front. Frankly, its original design was all about the control of the [Wii] wand. But there are other ways to implement that. It is a hugely innovative product. I expect you'll see it on other platforms in time."

Would "Boom Blox" be fun if controlled by analog sticks? Sixaxis motion control? An Xbox camera?

I'll have more from Riccitiello about the state of EA, licensed games, the competition and more soon.

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