How To Play Sony’s Nutty ‘Last Guy’ Game On This Website Or Your Own

Earlier today we posted the first comprehensive description about the U.S. version of Sony’s strange upcoming downloadable PS3 game “The Last Guy.” It’s not out yet — merely “coming soon,” according to Sony reps. But could we interest you in playing a watered down version that uses this website or any other as its terrain?

Last night I went to a Japanese website for “The Last Guy” and inputted “”. Suddenly I was using my mouse to control a little guy who was walking all over our blog. He could run through the lanes and into the nooks of our front page, rescuing people while avoiding spiders. The goal was to bring a parade of people to a safety zone near our top banner ad.

You can do play a rough version of the game using Multiplayer’s front page as the game’s level at this direct link, but first, take a look at what I did and note the instructions for the game (which you can only find here at Multiplayer, I believe)…

My Play Session Of “The Last Guy” Promotional Web-Game

First, I used my mouse to put my guy and his followers in a small cluster directly to the left of our “See Halo Toys…” headline. The green zone in the top left was my goal, though I didn’t realize it at the time. That’s where I was supposed to bring the followers I rescued.

I ran my guy down the screen, picking up followers who were hidden under our blue vertical banner ad. As we ran down the margin and passed Patrick’s Facebook-“Scrabulous” post, we hung a right. The smudge to the left of the blue ad is a spider, waiting to attack.

The spider failed to get us, as I picked up more followers and ran past our blog roll (Hi, Ben Fritz! Hello, Destructoid!). See the green person icon on the iPhone image? That represented more people to rescue, but we couldn’t reach them. The division between the maroon border of our site and the tan interior proved to be an unbreakable wall.

Something killed my guy. I don’t remember what. So I started again and this time ran to the right, across the top of our site.

A spider was hunting us, so I took my crew down the right side and tried to hide in the notch to the right of our banner ad.

Then we ran down the right side… and got killed.

A Sony rep told me this represents a stripped-down version of “The Last Guy.” The full game uses aerial maps of 14 cities. The maps have been tailored by hand to work with the game’s mechanics. That will make them play better, but they won’t be as wildly unpredictable as whatever website you test this promo version of the game on. Not every website will be as fun to play on as our own. It’s just a gimmick to tease gameplay, make new use of the Internet and, of course, hype a new game. We try not to fall for many PR stunts, but I thought readers would like this one.


  • Move mouse to move The Last Guy (put mouse in direction you want to go)
  • To dash, click and hold left mouse button
  • To make the line of people scrunch up, to avoid zombies, press C
  • To use heat vision, or thermography, to see press and hold ’space key’ (zombies disappear while using thermography)
  • To zoom in and out, use mouse scroll button

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