4 Ways To Improve iPhone Gaming, According To Developers

The initial launch of Apple's application store has brought some promising ("de Blob"), and surprising ("Aurora Feint") games to the table, but things aren't perfect.

If the iPhone wants to start competing with the major handheld players, there are some issues to be worked out, iPhone developers have told me. Some suggestions fall on the publisher and developer; others require some forward thinking by Apple.

I asked Publisher X founder Doug Kennedy, War Drum Studios CEO Thomas Williamson and Phantom EFX president Jim Thompson -- they collaborated on the Reel Deel line of casino games -- to tell me what needs to be done in order to improve gaming on the iPhone . Here's what they said:

* A battery life comparable to PSP or DS (Some iPhone games can last just an hour or two if you've also been using the iPhone regularly as a ... phone)

* Infrastructure to support multiplayer and online communities (The only multiplayer gaming currently supported is pass-around single-phone gameplay.)

* Tiered price guides for games (Prices are currently determined by developers for all games. The developers I spoke to don't expect this to change, even though they want it to.)

* Improved promotional space (Kennedy says Apple already has new policies coming soon to aid developers in this area)

Readers, do you have any other suggestions?

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