Comic-Con: Episodic 'Dexter' Game for iPhones

Even when I'm trying to avoid video games, they find me.

At a panel discussing season three of Showtime's dark thriller, "Dexter," special guest Mark Ecko revealed new details on the "Dexter" video game.

Most would have expected that Ecko would pursue a next-generation, high-fidelity adaptation, but the reality is far from it. Instead, "Dexter" will arrive episodically on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Players will reportedly use gesture controls (Ecko demonstrated a hacking motion with an iPhone), text messaging and phone calls to interact with the "Dexter" experience, but Ecko didn't reveal anything more, nor did he show any footage.

If we hear any more details on the handheld "Dexter" experience at Comic Con, we'll let you know.