Koji Igarashi Calls 'Castlevania Judgment' Fan Criticism 'Unjustified'

Few people expected Koji Igarashi's "Castlevania Judgement" would be similar to a fighting game. Igarashi knew fans would be surprised -- but many said they were let down.

"I had expectations about the kind of reaction," he told MTV Multiplayer last week at E3.

Igarashi has headed up the "Castlevania" series for many years, having achieved quick popularity while working on "Symphony of the Night." With his latest creation, a departure from the "Castlevania" standard, he anticipated a mixed response.

"When you have a franchise like this, that's become popular in a certain type of game style and you change that so drastically, I understand the responses is going to be negative," he said. "I also felt a lot of the response was, I guess, unjustified in the sense that they based their [response] on just hearing about it or maybe seeing a couple of screen shots and making a whole assumption."

So, now that you've seen "Castlevania Judgement," has your opinion changed?

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