In Hour Three, I Describe The Graphics-Free Wii Sex Game

'Dark Room Sex Game' For The WiiLast Thursday I stopped by the pool at Los Angeles' Hotel Figueroa and thought I'd "briefly" jump onto the E3-closing edition of the 1UpYours podcast. Photo proof right here. They kept me (and Klepek) for 50 minutes! That was after two hours of the 1UpYours crew talking to some talented game developers such as Denis Dyack and Randy Pitchford.

But only I could bring news on the graphics-free Wii remote sex game. (At least I hope only I did -- I haven't listened to the first two hours yet.) Essentially, two players shake Wii remotes to orchestrate the pre-recorded sounds of two people who are in the midst of feeling very passionate about each other. More info about the game at its official site.

On the podcast, I also talked about "Rhythm Heaven," "Flower." And I'm pretty sure I argued that "Resident Evil 4" is sometimes overrated. Is that allowed?

Listen to more E3 chatter from me, Klepek and others at the 1UpYours official site. ["MATURE" AUDIENCES ONLY: The podcast features lots of swearing and anatomical references, though not by me. I'm too classy for that. Even when describing "Dark Room Sex Game."]