Microsoft Confirms That Bungie Is Developing New 'Halo'

Master ChiefHere's something to add to all the E3 drama this week about Bungie Studios' canceled/postponed/hyped debut of a new game...

In an interview shot for MTV News on Tuesday, Microsoft's head of Xbox business Don Mattrick, confirmed to me that Bungie is indeed working on a new "Halo" game of some sort for Microsoft.

I had been asking Mattrick about the lack of "Halo" news at E3. He said that Microsoft's Monday press conference was already loaded with content and so any announcements for that series weren't needed to get gamers excited.

I pushed him on the lack of presence for the series and asked him if we should be worried about the no-show of Ensemble Studio's real-time-strategy game "Halo Wars." Not only did Mattrick say not to worry and that announcements would be coming, he also said that Microsoft is working with Bungie on a "Halo" game.

I asked for clarification, wondering if Mattrick meant Bungie's project was "Halo Wars" or the long-announced Peter Jackson "Halo" project. Neither, Mattrick said. The Bungie game is something else.

And then, not surprisingly, the topic was changed.

In the coming days, we'll have more from the interview -- covering Microsoft's courtship of Square-Enix and the importance of exclusive content and games in the future -- here at the MTV Multiplayer blog.

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