Miyamoto Tells Us He Wants Another 'Mario,' 'Zelda' on Wii

Just minutes after the end of Nintendo's press conference, Stephen had a chance to speak with lead designer Shigeru Miyamoto. We'll have more from Miyamoto next week, but the answer to our last question just had to be shared.

We asked if Miyamoto could talk about Nintendo president Satoru Iwata's promise that Nintendo's internal "Mario" and "Zelda" teams are hard at work at new projects. When will we hear more about then?

"What I can say is that typically games like that take anywhere from two to three years to finish those up," said Miyamoto. "We do have the teams together and the teams are all working. The other thing that I can say is that in the past we haven't really had much opportunity to release two Mario titles or two Zelda titles on a single hardware system. Our plan is to try to do that with Wii. With that in mind, the teams are working hard at this point."

Exciting! Sounds like we have more "Mario" and "Zelda" to look forward to in the future (as if there was any doubt). And with that, we're off to the Sony press conference!