Square Enix Answers Questions About Xbox 360 Version Of 'Final Fantasy XIII'

The Microsoft media briefing ended with a bang this morning by showing a new trailer from "Final Fantasy XIII."

Immediately following the briefing, Square Enix held a press conference about the game, where "FFXIII" producer Yoshinori Kitase and Square Enix exec Shinji Hashimoto answered all the questions they could in 45 minutes.

Here's a round-up of the facts so far from the brief Q&A session:

Square Enix exec Shinji Hashimoto and "FFXIII" producer Yoshinori Kitase

* Why the move to Xbox 360 in addition to the PS3? Hashimoto explained via a translator: "We considered the hardware, and because of the situation and the spread of the hardware, we decided that way."

* Will there be any content differences between the PS3 and Xbox 360? Kitase: "The game will be the same, but we have to consider Blu-ray and the other format, so it might be different [in that regard]." Hashimoto later added: "For content and gameplay, we don't have the intention to make so much difference according to platform."

* What's the development update for the game? Kitase: "We are using new tools called Crystal Tools for development and developing the title on PC. From this year on, our pace is going a little bit faster. In the near future, we will probably be able to introduce further footage."

* What's the development process for the game? Hashimoto: "As we announced at the Microsoft presentation, as of today we are ready to start developing the title for Xbox 360. First, we will complete the PS3 in Japan. Then after that we will start localization of 'FFXIII' for PS3 for US and Europe. Then at the same time, we will start Xbox 360 the version development. That's our entire process of development."

How is the gameplay different from "Final Fantasy XII"? Kitase: "The entire atmosphere is different. There is more tempo and speed. On screen, it’s flashier and there's more excitement in 'FFXIII.'" … Every time we release a new game we try to make its own game design, so we don't have any intention to make it closer to the previous and we are trying to make a new and unique game design."

* What is the timing of the releases? Kitase: "As for the timing between US and Europe, we will try to make it as close as possible. Also, localization for US and Europe we will try to expedite as much as possible than the previous case."

* The briefing implied that there was no Xbox 360 release for "FFXIII" in Japan. Is that true? Hashimoto: "Considering the market situation in US and Europe, the spread of 360, really our main reason for the change, and as for Japanese market and business direction, we have not changed anything."

* At the Microsoft conference, it was announced that ""Last Remnant" would be released on Games for Windows. Any plans for "FFXIII"? After a long sigh, Kitase said: "For now, it's to be decided.”

* How many discs will the game ship on? Kitase: "It is still to be decided."

* Any plans for the Xbox 360 version to take advantage of Xbox Live? Kitase: "It's to be decided."


"Final Fantasy" fans, what do you think so far? What are your hopes and dreams for "FFXIII"?