Six Months Of Making You Angry -- Our 2008 Half-Year In Accidentally Inciting Rage

We cover gaming news here. And 2008 has provided plenty of news for us to cover. But in the process of covering gaming news and providing some insight and analysis, we managed to make some of our readers angry.

(Quick! Tap X now and get this quick '08 flashback: Gibson Guitar lawsuits! "EA hungry for Take Two! MS Wii-mote?, Two More Best Games Ever released! "MGS 4" review restriction controversy?).

So… instead of re-capping the news, let's look back at the posts that made fine readers of this blog (you??) write comments such as:

"Whatever you say in response to me should be directed towards everyone else unfortunate enough to stumble upon this ludicrous brain fart of yours. Don’t even bother explaining yourself. You failed."

Hit the jump for our randomly ranked: Ten. Most. Controversial. Posts. ...and some snippets of the colorful reactions, each one part of a thread worthy of wasting a lunchbreak on.

Could we have seen the fury coming?

10 First'Half 2008 Posts That Got - Ahem - Energized Reaction

'GTA IV' Ad Outside My Apartment1) "Grand Theft Auto IV" is just days from release and, in my impressions of the retail game, I say: "As perfected as this “GTA” is, I must admit that I spent a good deal of Saturday tempted to return to playing "Super Mario Galaxy."

Reader response: "Oh….I see…..your one of those retarded nintendo fanboys without a soul, still trying desperately to save a princess who is in another fu#@%ng castle."

2) Game designer Cliff Bleszinski lets slip that he thinks that PC gaming might be in a state of disarray.

Reader response: Heated words and then… "Wow guys, so he doesn't care about the PC game market. You act like someone punched your child in the face."

3) Multiplayer's Jason Cipriano laments 10 things that he feels are missing from "Super Smash Bros. Brawl," a game he likes very much.

Reader response, aside from some good 'ol MTV-bashing: "The only thing that's missing is for the ability to have characters kiss each other. It's always been a dream of mine to see Wario and Luigi start kissing all over the place."

'Resident Evil 5'4) N'Gai Croal relates his gut impression about the racial make-up of "Resident Evil 5"'s development team.

Reader response: "N'gai should focus his attention against something that might actually help those poor people - like removing their dictatorships and fascists that are ruling and killing the people - rather than on a freaking videogame."

5) I jokingly (I swear) laid out the things that "GTA IV" got wrong about New York City and met the Internet's rage.

Reader response: "You, sir, are a dumbass. Do some research next time before you write such an inane article. Better yet, give me your f—ing “job”. Don’t bother replying to this, there’s no way I’m coming back to this site. Ever. Whatever you say in response to me should be directed towards everyone else unfortunate enough to stumble upon this ludicrous brain fart of yours. Don’t even bother explaining yourself. You failed."

6) I discussed my impressions of a weekend session I had with "Too Human", in the context of "Metal Gear Solid 4," which had been competing for my attention.

Reader response: "Why are you comparing in a preview to completely different games?! Is like comparing Mario with Madden GOOD JOB!"

7) It got ugly when I suggested that Rockstar could make a good "GTA" starring… a woman!

Reader response: "personally i dont think a woman would look good on a game such as GTA, not through chauvinism but simply because it would look vulgar and im sorry women swearing and killing people with AK47 Kalashnikovs isnt very realistic."

I Confront 'Metal Gear Online'8 )My ignorance about "Metal Gear Online" provoked a harangue.

Reader response: "This guy doesn’t even seem competent enough to play this game. How do you not no what the triangle button is for!"

9) Our own Patrick Klepek reported that Microsoft is developing its version of the Wii's motion-sensitive remote and published a sketch provided to him by a source.

Reader response: "MTV talking about video games?! Hahaha! All MTV knows about is Crappy Reality Shows. They don’t even know about Music anymore!"

10) OK. I guess I could see those stories causing some people to get worked up. But… this one about PlayStation 3 interactive art? This one somehow made people post some very fiery comments about… America?

Reader response: "People all over the world hate America because America has the biggest influence in the world."


Silver-lining conclusion: I could have quoted the many, many interesting, intelligent and inspired comments we've received over the past six months, but that wouldn't have been as entertaining. If you want some faith in civil discourse restored, you can check out the comments to this post about the saying "It's Just A Game". That post happened to be inspired by some of the more heated reactions to posts above, funny enough.

Just remember, readers. We weren't trying to make you angry these past six months. It happens. Come back for more?