Direct From SF: Moving Required A Sacrifice -- My iPhone

No one likes to move. Even though I wasn't a fan of my first apartment in San Francisco, I considered staying because moving sound so annoying.

Thankfully, my girlfriend is a little more proactive about this stuff and found a brand-new place for us to settle into and re-establish the west coast branch of MTV Multiplayer.

My first experience at the new digs: my iPhone, which even BioWare says they're looking at as a serious gaming platform, was stolen. Not a good start.

[Image courtesy of Wired]

I had always planned on picking up the new 3G iPhone that launches next week, but the plan was to have that happen a few months from now. Now, there's a good chance I'll be sitting outside the Apple store in downtown San Francisco on Thursday night in hopes of picking one up before it sells out.

My first experience at the new digs: my iPhone was stolen

D'oh. Ironically enough, I'll be spending an hour or so on Tuesday checking out a slate of iPhone games. I don't believe that includes "Super Monkey Ball," though, the one that I'm most excited for. Considering it launches on the iPhone store that Friday, however, it's not that big of a deal. Sheesh -- it didn't take long for Sega to suck $9.99 out of me.

In addition to switching homes, I've had a slew of friends coming through San Francisco recently. Several friends recently graduated and decided to go on country-wide road trips before job realities and grad school begin at the end of the summer. Considering I'm one of two people on this blog still playing "Wii Fit" on a regular basis, I've been able to expose the game to some folks who would have otherwise never, ever played it.

They all liked it. They liked it a lot, actually. I never thought I'd see my best friend performing various yoga poses in my living room while discussing a story with Stephen Totilo on the phone, but I did. He was really into the balance games, too, even though they mostly ended up frustrating him.

That would also require him tracking down both a Wii console and "Wii Fit," both of which are difficult to find right now. Doesn't look like he'll be a convert.

On that note, it's time for the holiday weekend to start. But before I go, I should ask -- anyone want to join me in line at the Apple store next week?