4 Game Developers Reveal Who They Killed In 'Grand Theft Auto IV'

Warning: "Grand Theft Auto IV" spoilers (early ones) ahead. You've been warned!

"GTA IV" forces players to choose life or death for some of its major supporting characters. There's at least one choice that it seems almost everyone who has played talks about.

Which of these major supporting characters did four top non-"GTA" developers choose?

Read on and then take our poll so you can share the choices you made.

Rockstar asks players to choose between killing supporting characters Playboy X or Dwayne. I'd grown an attachment to Dwayne. He'd served his debt to society, criminal or not. But Playboy X was young, fresh and full of ideas -- even if he got on my nerves. But Dwayne was borderline-suicidal, so I put him out of his misery.I immediately felt like I'd made the wrong decision. Dwayne didn't deserve that. To make matters worse, Playboy X called me up and condemned my decision, even though he'd asked me to kill Dwayne himself!

This week, I wondered if I was the only one who struggled with this moral decision in "GTA IV." I reached out to a number of developers to find out what choice they made. And at the end of the article, you can tell us who you killed and reflect on whether you made the right decision.

Duncan Moore, senior designer on the "Ratchet & Clank" series at Insomniac Games

I chose to kill Playboy X. I felt a certain empathy towards Dwayne and felt that ‘my’ character was a man who upheld a certain moral code. As cold, decisive, and murderous, as he was, Nico was a man who related to the suffering of his fellow man (at least this was the side of his character I chose to relate to). I just couldn’t put Dwayne down. Btw… although I wasn’t trying to meta-game it, I had a feeling that this was the ‘right’ choice to make, and that was confirmed when I got Playboy’s sweet penthouse apartment (and reaffirmed after hearing the consequences of killing Dwayne).

Jason Avent, game director at Black Rock Studio and currently working on off-road racer "Pure" for Disney

"I thought a fair bit about the decision because I figured it might affect gameplay later. I killed Playboy X because he was a dick. I guessed that I'd probably get more money by working with him. But I found him to be an annoying character and I didn't want him to be part of the game any more. Dwayne was a bit moany but I figured that if I offed Playboy, he'd cheer up a bit. I thought he might turn out to be a bit of a badass once he got his shit together too.

You end up getting his loft apartment. Which is nice."

Dan Moskowitz, a software engineer on "Spore"

"I killed off Playboy X, he just seemed a bit unstable and Dwayne had just gotten out of prison and needed a fresh start with life. I felt like I made the “right” decision because after that Niko and Dwayne become friends. He’s a fun guy to go bowling with."

Tim Schafer, who's toiling away at the rock-inspired "Brutal Legend"....

"My moral choice was corrupted by gamefaqs. I heard that if you kill Playboy X you get his apartment. So I did, and you do. I have no regrets. Except now Dwayne wants to hang out all the time, and he’s like a total bummer. Maybe I can cheer him up so that he makes something out of himself, gets a better job and a better apartment. Then I can kill him and have TWO great apartments.

I did have a serious moral quandary in that game though. The corrupt police chief asked me to go kill that lawyer that was giving him trouble. I didn’t like the cop but I needed the money. I went to the lawyer’s office and he started talking about making the city a better place, and I thought, “Hey, I like this guy better than the cop. I’m on his side. I don’t want to kill him. But then again I really, really need the money...” It was cool to be in that position because I was facing the real moral dilemma the character might be facing. So I put my gun away, and just punched the lawyer. He said, “take the files!” And so I did, thinking how cool it was that the game let me chose whether to kill him or not. But then when I picked up the files, the mission text said, “Kill the lawyer.” I tried leaving instead but the door was locked. The game wouldn’t let me NOT kill the lawyer. Too bad. Up until then it was cool."

Now, it's your turn to let us know what decision you made in "GTA IV." Who did you kill? How did you feel about it afterwards? Let us know your thoughts!

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